About Plausible Outcomes

My goal is to identify plausible business developments in the future that could have significant economic implications for you, the organization you work for, or where you live. Working as a management consultant for many years, I helped multinationals create future scenarios to improve their strategy decision-making. Scenarios developed with good technique will generate special insight about what could happen. In this blog, I use that technique to develop foresight on emerging global issues that are being shaped by the actions of multinationals.

I want to bring an issue to your attention in such a way and early enough that you do something: Learn more about the issue, forward my post to a colleague or friend, change jobs, look for a potential business opportunity, buy stocks, sell stocks, etc.

If you would like to organize a discussion about an issue, learn more about the techniques involved in creating foresights or scenarios, or would like to apply those techniques to an emerging issue important to you, please contact me.

Bill Ralston, bill.ralston@icloud.com

More About Me

In my business life my day focus is helping an imagery-satellite startup get funded and up and going. Previously I worked at Brown & Root and SRI International and co-founded Strategic Business Insights, a spin off of SRI that provides insights about emerging threats and opportunities for multinationals and government agencies. I started off as an engineer, helping design and build oil and gas facilities around the world. I then consulted to energy companies and civil infrastructure operators on strategy, technology, and business issues, moved into consulting on what businesses and government agencies should do about environmental, health, and safety issues, and eventually became a corporate futurist, helping management teams develop scenarios of the future for the major issues they were facing. What I have been continually learning how to do is prepare for addressing the threats and opportunities of complex environments, develop plausible projections about the future, and make decisions under uncertainty. Thomson published a book I co-authored with my scenario planning colleague, Ian Wilson, based on our experiences working with corporate strategy teams: The Scenario Planning Handbook: Developing Strategies in Uncertain Times. It’s still in print and available on Amazon, providing sufficient royalties to pay for daily visits to the local coffee house.